So I Bought A PS3

Everything about the PSN sucks ass. Sorry. Downloads are slow as shit and then once you get them downloaded, installs take forever and a day. Near as I can tell, the best way to find out if the game you're interested in has a demo is to search for that game, since they don't tell you within the game's listing if it has one or not. I downloaded my free PSP game so I can eventually put that on the PSP. Once I downloaded it, I had to "install" a PSP game to my PS3 that I can't even play the game on. Because that makes sense? The install took somewhere around ten minutes. Ten minutes to install a 1.5 gb game that I can't even play on this system.

I am seriously at a loss for how someone could prefer the PSN to Xbox Live. I bought Heavy Rain and from the time I put in, it was 45 minutes before playing it was even an option. I concede that once I've had the system awhile, these annoyances will be fewer and farther between, but holy crap does the initial setup suck balls. Being someone who highly enjoys downloadable games, I find the experience on XBL to be far superior. No, Microsoft Points do not bother me. Get over it.

Also, RRoD is not a valid reason for why the PSN is superior. That's a hardware problem that not all 360s have and has only affected me, once. I am strictly talking about the PSN in comparison to XBL. I will openly concede that PS3 has superior hardware when I get to use it and am not staring at a progress bar for an install. Also, Netflix on PS3 is much more pleasant than it is on XBox.