Buffy Fans - Anyone like Adam?

So my wife and I finished off Season 4 of Buffy The Vampire Slayer for the second or third time, last night, and it got me wondering; does ANYONE like Adam? I hate every single thing about this character. His design is absolutely god awful (in what world does half a face make any sense?) and everything he says is the most pretentious bullshit I think I've ever heard from a Whedonverse character. Seriously, I hate him. He completely ruins season 4 and the fact that he killed an actual good villain (Maggie, unlike Adam, was complex and interesting) to take the lead as Big Bad just makes me hate him even more. Even Jasmine from Angel, Season 4 was less annoying than this douche bag.

Join in for what I hope will be an epic discussion of this very topic at the Palavr forums.

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