Finish This!

So everyone is talking about the "new Mortal Kombat trailer". There is just one problem. This is not official. It was done as a proof of concept to sell Warner Bros on them making it into a movie.

I am of mixed opinions on it. I like the idea of a "realistic" mortal kombat, which basically means a tournament where people fight to the death, I guess. It's been done to death in b grade action flicks, but wouldn't turn my nose up at one featuring down-to-earth renditions of the MK characters.

Reptile looks retarded and so does Baraka. If you want it to be realistic, keep it realistic. If you want it to be fantasy, go balls out in that direction. This middle of the road shit isn't going to cut it, for me. There are enough reality based characters in the MK universe to pull in a dozen or so with cool looks that would fit what they are going for here. Kinda curious what they have in mind for Sub Zero though. Does he hurl Nitrogen at folks?

All in all, if they moved forward with this, I'd check it out. I like the ideas presented here and I will watch anything with Micheal Jai White in it (if you haven't seen Black Dynamite, get off your ass and do so, right now). I just think they need to sit and think about what it is they want to portray.