Darksiders Demo Thoughts

First - Easily the longest demo I have ever seen. I give them some props for that, I guess, though it would have been nice if they would have let you save and pick up where the demo ends if you buy the retail.

Second - Fuck this game. Now, maybe I am missing something, but the enemies go from annoying but easy to still annoying and overly hard on a regular basis.

The demo had two varieties. Either they were trash that you wailed on for a while and didn't even care if they hit you or mini-boss caliber fuckers that killed you in 2 or 3 hits. The second variety sucked, because you basically play the "run away and wait for the game to show you your obvious opening to attack" game.

Like I said, though, maybe I am missing something. The one guy that spews poison, I stayed at range and hit him constantly with my boome...sorry, throwing star. After I'd done that for awhile, I ran up and hit him with my Master Sw........sorry, sword. Then you had the big armored fuck and his henchman. Run around, dash, wait for him to do his big attack and then zap in and pop him a couple times. It was boring as shit.

So, anyone play the full retail? Is there something I am missing, because I dug the puzzles and the Zelda with gore gameplay for the most part. I just found the mini-boss enemies to be tedious and frustrating.

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