You're Better Off Empty and Blank

Laid to Rest has proven to be a reasonably divisive film over the last year or so since it hit DVD. It's got a lot for gore hounds to sink their teeth into, but gore has really lost it's punch over the last few years, thanks to Saw and it's ilk. Gore is no longer an unusual part of films, especially horror films, these days. I have noticed a trend of more and more die hard horror junkies wanting better writing and acting out of their horror films, before they will get behind them. I get that, I really do. If any asshole with a digital camera can slap together a gore fest, we need some other less common factor to help separate the wheat from the chaff.

One thing I loved about Laid to Rest is the fact that the Final Girl is an asshole. Unlike every other slasher ever, you didn't sympathize with her, you didn't want her to survive and you hated that she was getting all these characters that were much more sympathetic killed. Honestly, I think this was a deliberate choice on the director's part. You get to the big reveal where you would normally find out some shocking and endearing factoid about our amnesiac final girl, only to find out she's an even bigger asshole than you already thought she was. I just loved that.

That said, the final girl's acting is atrocious. Not in spots or now and then, but the entire movie. The girl was in fact cast for her rack (which I am ok with), but then we get no nudity, which I found kind of odd. Some of the other actors manage to pull it out in spots, but they are working with dialogue that's almost as bad as The Girl's acting. Thomas Dekker shows up in a hilarious bit part as some douche on his way to a rave, which is sort of redundant to say. If you are going to a rave, isn't a given that you're a douche? I am just saying.

That actually brings up something else I really enjoyed about Laid to Rest; the score. I thought the score was pretty cool, overall. Sure it was all goofy metal and techno/industrial, but I sorta liked that it was all original goofy metal and techno/industrial. He could have easily licensed some shitty bands and shoe-horned them into the scenes to sell a soundtrack. Instead, some effort was made to create a score that fit the mood he wanted. I want the soundtrack just to be able to listen to “Sexy bitches are my favorite kinda bitches” at my leisure.

While I admit that the movie is terrible, I own it and love it. We actually pop it in on a regular basis because it's kind of hilarious in spots. "I don't have a traditional land line, per se" and the ensuing internet police call had me rolling, as did the aforementioned "Sexy bitches are my favorite kinda bitches". The gore is quite astounding at times, with some excellent and rather messy kills. This is a movie that I think gore hounds will love and everyone else will probably hate, but I see it as something that could be a lot of fun with a group of friends and some booze.


  1. While I didn't like it, I can totally see someone liking it for the reasons you do. The gore is pretty amazing and some of the acting is so bad, that it could be entertaining to a point. Booze would certainly help, though! But doesn't it always?!

  2. Booze and bad movies are always fun. I would also like to point out that in this age of people trying to manufacture bad movies, I think Laid to Rest came about it, quite naturally. The people that could act tried their best to deliver the terrible dialogue they were given. That may be another reason that I liked it. For better or worse, it felt like a pretty honest film.