Seriously, I just don't get it. There are a wealth of great X-men stories out there and when we finally get a Wolverine movie, they shovel out this garbage? They turned Deadpool into Adam from Buffy for god's sake!! What really kills me is I really liked Liev as Sabretooth, a LOT. He brought an intelligence and ferocity to the character that was sorely lacking from the first X film. I even got a giggle out of what they did with Blob, if only because I have always thought that character was ignorant. Gambit? Wasted. You don't give a cameo to a character with enough charisma and backstory to carry his own film. You give cameos to Colossus or Toad, but not freaking Gambit. That'd be like doing an X-men movie and having Lady Deathstryke be a voiceless assassin with no connection to Wolverine. Oh wait, they did that.

Before anyone labels this as mindless nerd rage, bear in mind that I like Jackman as Logan. A lot. The look is all wrong, but for the most part, he had the attitude I needed in the first two X-films, when people with talent were driving the franchise. I am not against modifying characters to make them work on screen, but shitty storytelling is shitty storytelling, my friends. If you are going to change something, have a good reason for doing it. There is no good reason to waste Gambit as a cameo and it is downright criminal to take the biggest smartass in the Marvel Universe and then take away his god damn mouth.


Back In [Glossy] Black

I am back, bitches, and I brought a pretty sweet new laptop with me. Picked up a Dell Inspiron 1545, which came in the mail, yesterday. I am super pleased with my purchase. I have been using an older laptop my mom gave me for a little while, now, to do some work from home, but it is just not cutting it. Plus you have the whole "tired of using old and busted" thing going on. The 1545 is very much the hotness. I especially appreciate built in WiFi and no damn latch on the lid to fiddle with when I want to open it. I just wish it had a number pad.

Naturally, because I want this for working at home, one of the first things I did was get the programs I need to accomplish that installed. The second thing I installed? World of Warcraft. I had to. I am pleased to report that new hotness runs WoW pretty damn well. Not as well as my main PC, mind you, but well enough to kill some time with, now and then.

I have to say, for 450 bucks, this is an impressive little rig. I almost wish I had sprung for something fancier when I got my PC instead of getting that. Laptops have come a long way from how I used to view them and I am quickly becoming addicted to the mobility they offer. I used to take old and busted to work and blog on my lunch breaks, so I want to start doing that, again, with new hotness. I find myself constantly thinking of things to write about, but never have the time to do so.