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I give credit to Kotaku for telling me this existed, but now my life has a hole in it that can only be filled by a 150 dollar toy. What you see is the 25th Anniversary Edition San Diego Comic Con exclusive Deluxe Soundwave. Not only does Soundwave himself look amazingly bad ass, but he also comes with four of the tapes. Seriously, what the hell are they trying to do to me? It's not like I don't have enough expensive shit on my list of wants that I can't afford. They have to go and release the coolest edition of Soundwave any ever thought of. I thought the deluxe edition of Starscream looked sweet, but that ain't nothing. The only thing that could make this Soundwave better is if the tapes played the Transformers theme song when you popped em in.

A couple of years back, I discovered a company named Revoltech that makes mostly anime inspired action figures that are about as awesome as can be. I mean, just look at it. It's a poseable Optimus Prime! The Megatron and Starscream figures they did are even better. Megatron looks like the cartoon version and Starscream's gun is Megatron in gun form, like they always used to do in the series. Bad ass, I tell ya. They've been on my gotta get em list since I saw them, but they're like 50 bucks on amazon. One day, though, dammit. I am just cheap and hate ordering shit online.

All this Transformers nostalgia made me bust out the Commerative Edition Prowl I got for Christmas a few years ago and put the stickers on him. Kids today have it so bad, as far as Transformers go. These toys were just so much more well crafted and frankly, they just look damn cooler. If nothing else, the robot has a discernable face and you can tell where the body sections start and stop. Even the toys for the movies look like mechanical vomit. Not only that, but the new toys don't work worth a shit. My nephew got one of the Transformers Animated toys and that piece of crap won't even stay transformed. In any of it's forms. It was a shame because the toy looks really cool. In fact, I love the look of Transformers Animated, a lot. Too bad the toys are crap and the show is yet more wannabe anime garbage.

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