I Got Your Lance Right Here

So the Argent Tournament has come to the World of Warcraft. Words can not express how excited I was for this event. New mounts, new pets, new purplez to earn and JOUSTING. I was seriously ecstatic at the concept of mounted combat and the day the patch went live, it was the first thing I went to the Tournament grounds to do. In truth, I didn't completely hate it until I got to the Valiant level. I got through Aspirant ok but by the time I got to Valiant, I threw my hands up and just quit. I finished off Valiant doing the quests with the exception of the last jousting match to get to Champion. As a Champion, I have one victory and only a few more matches than that to my name. It is simply not worth my time to take part in so poorly designed a game mechanic.

The reason I hate jousting isn't that I suck at it. I am actually pretty good at it. When lag isn't stacked against me, I can do ok and come out on top, but that is seldom the case. Even when I win, it is still not fun. The monotony of trying to keep their shields down and yours up is so life drainingly dull that it makes me want to stop playing the game. The problem I have with it is that the whole thing revolves around a set pattern that must be adhered to if you wish to win. I have this same issue with the Aces High daily in Coldarra. There is no room for improvisation, whatsoever and that just sucks. Not only that, but if you have lag issues, you can forget it. I can not tell you how many times in jousting I have gone from 3 stacks to no shields at all in what seemed like seconds. Same thing with Aces High. I have been at full health and had the shield going strong and then bam, I am all of the sudden almost dead. Thankfully, we are getting more methods to earn seals in 3.2, so getting the mounts and pets won't feel like such a grind, then. At least, that is my hope,

The worst part is it does not even feel like jousting. You ride in a circle because your mount turns like a 63 Cadillac and just hope you get in position faster than they do. Actually, it feels like a naval battle with how slow you manuever. I want to joust, not play battleship. Then, to add insult to injury, they incorporate this horrible mechanic into a quest in a zone where everything respawns almost instantly. If you want any hope of killing the Bone Commander, you have to pull up the stairs where you can have fun fighting him and the camera. I read somewhere to clear around him and then pull him. I tried that. The gargoyles respawned in the middle of the fight and drained my shields. The only saving grace on that one is I can have a guildy help me beat him down. If Blizzard decides that is a bug someday and fixes it so you can not attack them on your mount the way you can not help in the jousting matches, I may just give up on this Tournament, altogether.

What sucks is I want to like this whole jousting/tournament thing. I love the idea of it and I just wish they could figure out a way to make it more fun. A wider variety of abilities when you are mounted would be nice. I actually think if they took away the shields and just made it a jousting death match, I would love it. It would rely a bit more on luck and feel a lot less tedious. I would like it more, though. In every other facet of WoW's combat, luck is everything. If you go into a fight and all your attacks land in the low end of the damage spectrum and none of them crit, the fight will be a lot tougher than if the opposite happens. Throw in weapon procs and just procs in general and yea, luck can have a huge impact on any one on one fight. These vehicle fights all feel very cold and mathematical to me. You do it this way and you will win, if you do it exactly this way at exactly the right time. No margin for error, no room for a little good luck. Until they change it, though, I will keep killing Chillmaw and stomping Commanders with my guildies for my 4 seals a day. So far, I have my awesome Gnomeregan Bonechopper and I will keep grinding away for my pets and mounts.

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  1. Yeah same here man, I was so pumped for the tournament and have been kind of let down. Because I've become a mount whore and hope to get the dragonhawk mount someday I'll keep doing these dailys every day to grind out the mounts but yeah, they're not much fun. Really though I have that problem with all daily quests. Some of the tournament stuff was fun the first couple of times but now it's just the same old thing that I do every morning before work. The only nice part was that I was able to grind out some fast rep for the main factions. The black knight quest chain was really fun and I had a great time doing that and hope that 3.2 brings us more stuff like that. Honestly at this point I'm done with the whole vehicle based thing. It's not fun and like you said takes emphasis away from player's skill and gear and instead puts it on routine button pressing. I worked hard at my gear and I want to know that I can kill things quicker than a level 78 wearing greens but in jousting.. nope.

    Except for the Flame Leviathan fight which scales your vehicles stats to your gear level but even that was only fun the first couple of times.