The Alpha and the Omega

So Dollhouse is done for the season (possibly forever) and I haven't posted my thoughts on the show since Episode 7. That means I have 5 episodes of stuff to cover without turning this into some massive nightmare of a post. So what I am going to do is give brief thoughts on episodes 8 through 11 and wrap it up with my take on the finale and the season as a whole.

Episode 1.8 - Needs - Pointless filler, in my opinion. It opened a couple of doors, I suppose, but overall, I couldn't see that anything actually got resolved. It was actually kind of neat until I realized it was all another bullshit mind game. When I thought it was Alpha or someone on the inside screwing around, I was actually semi-interested. That's if I am even remembering how it went down, properly, because I may not be. This one just really felt like a waste of my time just to watch.

Episode 1.9 - A Spy in the House of Love - This was good stuff. This was what Dollhouse desperately needed more of. From the opening scene when we see someone in the treatment room getting shot all the way through to the end when you find out who the spy is, I was riveted. I knew Dominic was fishy, but his full motivations surprised me in a good way.

Episode 1.10 - Haunted - Again, more pointless filler. What would have saved this episode would have been if you get to the end and find out she died of completely natural causes. It would have been well in line with her obviously high state of paranoia and could have resulted in an ending that was actually interesting.

Episode 1.11 - Briar Rose - Don't look now, but I think I see a point to all this mess! I will refrain from spoilers at this point as to who Alpha is, just in case you are reading this but have not watched it, yet. Suffice to say the appearance of Alan Tudyk as the bumbling, neurotic genius that designed and helped build the Dollhouse was a nerdtastically awesome surprise, as was the ultimate full appearance of Alpha on the scene in the midst of Ballard's rescue mission. Again, this show needed more episodes like this.

So that brings us to the showdown that is episode 12 - Omega. I suppose I can discuss this without spoilers, as well, as far as who and what Alpha is. The nice thing about this episode was that by the end of it, we did in fact know exactly who and what Alpha is and that knowledge made this season worth wading through. The revelation that part of who the dolls are seems to be permanently ingrained in them from who they were before was pretty damn awesome. The finale demonstrated exactly what makes this show remotely intriguing in that all of it revolved in some way or another around the inner workings of the Dollhouse, itself. Seeing Dushku put on a different hat every week is boring. Been there, done that a hundred times and most of those shows weren't that good, either. How Alpha came to be what he is was interesting. Who Alpha was before he came to the Dollhouse was interesting. Watching a bunch of dolls pretend to escape was not interesting, at all.

Next week, we will supposedly find out if Dollhouse is going to live to fight another season. To be honest, if it does not, I will not be shocked. I am not even sure I will be that sad. Whether it was Fox gumming up the works or Joss, himself, this show took entirely too long getting to the point and only about half of this first season was even remotely compelling. Someone needs to tell somebody else that everything that makes this show an entertaining watch begins and ends with the Dollhouse, itself. The assignments are, for the most part, boring and add little to the overall plot, in my opinion. However, the people inside the Dollhouse and why they do what they do, I find absolutely fascinating. Give me more of that and less Alias/Quantum Leap in the second season and I will tune in, every single week (and by tune in, I mean buy the episode off Itunes). Keep filling my brain with pointless fluff, though, and I will not even make it to Season 2.

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