Wrath's First Real Patch Day

Tomorrow is Wrath of the Lich King's first real patch. I am freaking stoked, to be honest with you. Fishing Dailies are finally coming to Northrend, Argent Tournament gives me access to new pets and mounts and they are making cooking and fishing both generally less annoying to level (hint: you should be able to go from 1 to 450 on the dock in Northrend, now). The funniest thing to me, though, is it's the first time in a long time that my chosen class, the Mage, gets little to no love as far as class changes go. I am not complaining, so much, as observing. Most of the other classes get a page and a half of sweeping changes and we get Replenishment. WOO HOO! Ah well, that's cool, I still can't wait.

Maybe by Wednesday, I will actually be able to log in. Oh yea, bring on the server resets!


  1. Argent Tournament hell to the yes! Have you seen the new race specific weapons that you can get in the tournament? They look really badass and they're on par with raid gear so solo players can FINALLY get weapons on par with everyone else.

    Also, the patch means I'll finally get the albino drake today.

  2. Did I ever. So much for leveling my druid. I need that damn staff. Though nothing really beats the gnomeregan chainsaw thing. At all.