Gamers Are A Whiny Lot

This is in response to a comment I saw on WoWinsider.com. Not that the comment I replied to was the only time I have ever heard this, but that is what sparked this post, today. For as long as I have been playing WoW, I have been looking at Forums for the game. Starting with the official forums and now reading the comments section on WoW Insider which I visit, daily. There are a lot of smart people that play this game, but there are also a lot of really, really dumb ones. There are also a lot of really smart people that make really dumb statements. The most common one that gets my goat is the "I'm in the software business so I know what's up" reply. That's like saying you know what it takes to fix a Ferrari because you can fix a Ford. All software is not created equal and without sitting down and looking at the source code, you are basically talking out of your ass when you say you know what it takes to make it work.

Someone made the statement today that they felt like the incremental patches were getting out of hand and I found this humorous. Patch 2.4 had three fairly substantial incremental patches. Vanilla Wow had 12 major patches plus a few incremental patches for those. People keep acting like WoW hasn't changed much since launch, so the patches should go more smoothly, but that isn't the case. Blizzard has consistently pushed the boundaries of what an MMO can be with each expansion and, to some extent, with each patch. The more complex your software gets, the harder it is to catch every little flub and bug. You would think someone in the "software business" would know that. I am not even in the software business and I know that. My programming experience is limited to Qbasic and Excel. No matter how much you test it, giving it to the public will reveal exploits and bugs, every time. So yea, Blizzard releases slightly buggy patches, but I can think of very few instances where a patch actually broke the game, completely. It made certain specific areas of the game more annoying, sure, but the majority of WoW usually runs fine.

To date, I still think Blizzard's biggest clusterfunk was the Ahn'Quiraj launch. Nothing they've done has gone as poorly as that did. Servers crashed repeatedly for days on end for the first dozen or so servers that opened the gates. I remember logging into WoW to find out the Kalimdor server was down again and hoping one of my alts logged out in Eastern Kingdoms. Hell, I remember not being able to go into any dungeons for a whole day because the instance servers crashed. I think that was the Black Wing Lair patch, though.

Sure, patch day sucks and the month or so following patch day is sketchy as the last of the minor bugs get ironed out, but WoW as a whole is no more or less stable than it ever was. I just think people's memories of vanilla WoW are tainted to the point that they don't seem to remember all the zany issues we went through back then. Not to mention the fact that PVP sucked for non-raiders and, truth be told, there wasn't much offered to people who didn't want to raid at all. For myself, every single patch and expansion makes WoW that much more awesome and enduring. As it stands, they will have to close the servers to make me stop playing and that will be a sad day, indeed.


  1. The internet has given every anonymous douche in the world (like me) a voice and a platform to use it. This is why I try to avoid the comments section on any site I go to especially the WoW ones. The complaint that always makes me mental is when people complain that they're getting ripped off when servers go down or patches have bugs and they shouldn't have to pay blah blah blah. People take WoW way too seriously and very easily lose sight of the fact that it's just a game and Blizzard is doing nothing more than offering you a product that you can choose to not buy.

    Yeah, vanilla WoW was all kinds of buggy. Remember going to the capitol city with the auction house back in the day when there was only one auction house to use and no linked looking for group channel? Good ol' Lagrimmar...

  2. Lagrimmar didn't have shit on Ironlag, though. Ironforge used to have open lava pits that people routinely lagged into and died. It sucked ass.

  3. I once died in the open lava pit! It was awesome! Now, I try to do it, and they fixed it.