This Drug Tastes Like Band Candy

Joss Whedon ripped himself off. There, I said it. Echoes, at it's heart, is Band Candy all over again with a darker, more twisted Dollhouse spin. I feel a need to get that out in the open so that no one can say I did not notice or mention or care about the fact that the core of this episode was plucked from one of the best episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, ever. So I mentioned it. Yes, I noticed it. No, I didn't mind it. If I started hating on artists that cannibalized their own material, I would never be able to read another Stephen King novel. Yea, that would suck, a lot.

So beyond everyone getting giddy and childlike (Topher in his skivvies was more hilarious than I would have thought), did we get anything new out of this here yarn? I think we did, yea. We finally got the answer to the question we have all been pondering by seeing how Caroline ended up at the Dollhouse. I had long suspected she was an activist of some kind, so that part wasn't terribly shocking. Getting a taste of just how big this Dollhouse thing really is was a nice touch, though. We now have a face to put on the big bad evil that has to be taken down. Basically, I foresee Rossum as the Wolfram and Hart of the Dollhouse world. We also saw the ultimate motive behind them faking Millie's attack, which wasn't what I'd assumed, at all. I just knew they'd faked the attack to get her in closer to him. Last but not least, we got a big fat dose of "they aren't wiped THAT clean" when the dolls start having acid flashbacks of their happy fun times.

All in all, it was a successful mission for me. Two straight weeks of actual solid character development topped off by Eliza Dushku in thigh highs for 40 minutes. Yes sir, that's a winner in my book. Seriously, though, these last two episodes have really been home runs for me, all around. I am fully and truly excited to see where we go from here and I hope Whedon can maintain this energy for the rest of the season. It's about time for Alpha to start gumming up the works, again, by the way. I am dying to see who it is that's playing our mystery psycho nudist, because I just know it's going to be a Whedon alum that will cause all manner of nerdgasms to go off.


    You will love it, I feel like.
    Also, I enjoyed Echo's thigh highs.

  2. I think we can all agree that Echo's thigh highs need to become a main character on the show. I see your point with the Band Candy episode but I wouldn't necessarily call it a ripping off. Sure both had the authority figures becoming incapacitated leaving the lone agent/slayer to work it out for herself but.. wait.. who's argument was I trying to prove again?