I Have Joined The Cult of Music Gamers

So tonight, the wife and I were perusing the local Gamestop (yea, that's right, I don't hate Gamestop like most folks seem to claim to, these days) and we were looking at the various music games. The idea of dropping 170 duckets on one of the full band games is a little daunting for me, so I was looking at maybe just getting a copy of one of the Guitar Hero games and a guitar. In the end, I bought a used copy of Guitar Hero 3 for 20 bucks and a wireless 360 guitar for 40. 64 bucks out the door for one of these guitar games ain't half bad, I don't think. My only misstep is I had it in my head that I was buying the standalone Guitar Hero 4 guitar, which was what I wanted. It's actually just the wireless Les Paul Guitar Hero 3 controller. Still a nice controller, but it kind of puts a hole in my plan to slowly piece together one of these band kits over time. Ah well, if I end up really loving it, I will just buy the Guitar Hero 4 band kit later and we'll have two guitars if we need them.

As for my enjoyment of the game, my first ten minutes or so wasn't very fun, at all. I didn't play worth a crap and it was pretty rough on my hands, so I had a bad feeling I wasn't going to be able to stick with this thing. That's one of the reasons I wanted to find the cheapest route I could to playing one of these music games, because I had fears my hands would give me fits. I took a break for awhile and then I remembered a friend of mine saying how much more fun it was for him playing it standing up. So after letting the wife have a turn for awhile, I tried it that way. I am on the 4th set list, now. haha. Played through the first set and got the encore of Rock and Roll All Night, Got to the Morello Boss Battle and kicked his ass and then made it through to the Paint It Black Encore and called it a night. It's probably not a game I need to play for long stretches, but I definitely had fun.

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