The Hour of the Blind

Does it piss anyone off that I don't title my reviews with something obvious like the title of what I am reviewing? I wonder that, sometimes. Ah well, fuck em, this is my blog. I promised to share my thoughts on the last two Dollhouse episodes and by god, that's what I am going to do. Rather than go through the mundane task of synopsizing this for people that already know what the show is about because they watch it, too, I am going to just spend a couple of paragraphs sharing my thoughts on the last two weeks of a show that I think is coming into it's own, slowly but surely.

Gray Hour had an awesome start. I can honestly say I completely misread where the scene with the head of hotel security was going, so big ups to Sarah Fain and Elizabeth Craft for sneaking that one in. Dollhouse has been building most of the johns (let's call them what they are, here) up to be scumbags all around, so the pretense that one was smacking Echo around wasn't hard to swallow, at all. I liked Alpha being able to wipe Echo with a cell phone, but you have to question his motives here, considering what he did could have easily gotten her killed. Unfortunately, beyond that little tidbit, we didn't seem to get much else in terms of new info in Gray Hour that I recall. Maybe that's why I wasn't in a hurry to write up on it; it was a pretty middle of the road episode for me.

True Believer, on the other hand, brought me tons of joy. The scene with Dr. Saunders and Topher looking at the shower tapes almost made the whole series, much less this episode, worth watching. "Could you zoom in?" will forever make me giggle. Perhaps I am easily amused. On top of that, again, the show did not go how I expected it to. I assumed the cult leader to be a fraud using the religion angle to have an excuse to have sex with as many women as he so desired. When it turned out he was a genuine religious nut job, I have to say I was impressed. This episode also gave me the line, "God brought me here. He has a message for you. And that message is MOVE YOUR ASS!" which I will be forever grateful for. Still, while this week's episode was better than last week's, I do find my patience waning.

We've had three episodes now that end with some little bit of foreshadowing. The first one being Stage Fright and the nod between Echo and Cierra. I thought for sure that was going to go somewhere the following week and got nothing. Two episodes since that nod and still nothing. No further evidence beyond them ending the last three episodes with some allusion to Echo remembering bits of her jobs. At some point, you just want to grab Joss and scream "Get on with it!" I worry about this show's future because frankly, I only keep watching because the premise intrigues me and it is Joss Whedon. The show itself has not lived up to it's potential, at all. Sure, we've had a few shining moments of witty banter, but the fact is no one cares about the jobs Echo goes on. How could you when the Dollhouse is right there, looking all mysterious and intriguing? The Dollhouse absolutely fascinates me and I really wish we'd get to the part where we find out how they came to be. Echo getting a memory implant to become a high priced whore or a safe cracker does absolutely nothing for me. I will say the same thing I said about both Terminator sequels. You know what we want. You know you aren't giving it to us. Just fucking do it, already.


  1. That mirrors my last blog post.
    I think we are looking for the show to give us the same thing.

  2. I started to read your post and stopped after the first sentence, because I didn't want to taint my ideas with someone else's. Whoda thunk that someone else already had my ideas? :)

    I've heard this week will kick off the real fun, so here's hoping.