Regulators! Mount Up!

After a few months of semi serious effort, I accomplished one of my main goals in WoW that I have had since the introduction of flying mounts; I got my first dragon mount. Meet my new pal, the Albino Drake When 3.0.2 went live and I saw the 50 mount achievement, I knew what I had to do. Then Blizz pulled a whammy on me and took away race restrictions for faction mounts with 3.0.8. I think that was what really spurred me on. After 3.0.8, all I did for the most part was grind one faction or another to get mounts. First Gnomeregan for their Mechanostriders and then Kurenai for the Talbuks. Hell, I even ran Strat a few times hoping to snag the Deathcharger's Reins to no avail. Getting the Talbuks got me to 48 mounts. I started but did not get close to finishing the grind for the Netherwing Drakes, but I knew that was going to take awhile, so I said screw it and made the Armored Brown Bear number 49.

The choice for number 50 was easy. I have been saying since they introduced flying mounts for engineers that tailors should get flying carpets. Making the Flying Carpet was the first thing I did at 77 after I got Cold Weather Flying, so it felt right to make the Magnificent Flying Carpet the one that caps me off and gets my dragon. Boy, is that thing awesome in motion, though. A mage zooming around on a flying carpet just feels right. Anyway, there's no sense in making this overly long, but just for giggles, I listed out the mounts that got me to the 50 mount total after the break. I doubt anyone cares, but that's why this is my blog and not yours.

6 Elekks (3 normal, 3 epic)
6 Sabers (3 normal, 3 epic)
6 Horses (3 normal, 3 epic)
6 Rams (3 normal, 3 epic)
7 Mechanostriders (4 normal, 3 epic)
1 Black War Tiger (epic)
7 Gryphons (3 normal, 4 epic)
8 Talbuks (all epic)
2 Flying Carpets (1 normal, 1 epic)
1 Armored Brown Bear (epic)

50 mounts. I did it. I can now quit WoW, as I have won the game.


  1. Damn, I'm not even close to this. I only have 11 mounts. The day I got the netherwing drake was one of my happiest achievements in WoW. I do have the sexy red drake from the Wyrmrest Accord and am trying for the ultra-sexy green proto drake. It will be mine, oh yes... it will be mine.

  2. Wyrmrest is on my radar. I do the dailies every chance I get. I got the 50 easiest mounts in the game you could possibly get. I do want a proto-drake, though. They look wicked cool.

  3. Ever since you've posted this I've been going over in my head whether or not I can afford getting 50 mounts. The answer: nope. And I hate doing dailies so it probably won't happen. My Oracles egg hatches tomorrow so we'll see if I finally get the green proto drake.

    The best way to grind Wyrmrest rep is to run heroics and wear their tabard. You bang that shit out so fast.

  4. It's actually a pretty cheap route to a dragon mount. If you don't have exalted with the 4 main cities, you can get there in a few hours just by running through the starter zones (literally starting in the area you spawn in at level 1). The mounts themselves are cheap, really. The most I spent at any one vendor was probably the armored brown bear. Though I think the 8 Kurenai mounts came in right about the same.

    As for running heroics, that would require me to actually do dungeons, which I want to do, but am rarely actually willing to. For the most part, I just like solo grinding through this game. I do not know why.

  5. oh how I hate you. YOU TRICKED ME!!! There's no Young Guns here. Shady Doug, shady.

  6. hahahaha. sorry, yo. but every time I mount up in WoW, I hear Charlie Sheen in my head.