Freedom Costs A Buck Oh Five

I am going to try and temper the statements here, as best I can. This episode has multiple surprises, which I obviously will not discuss, but it's the last shot that did me in and pretty much guaranteed that I am here for the long haul. How much power is there in a simple nod of the head? That is all I am going to say, I guess. In the case of Dollhouse, a simple nod of the head was enough to glue my ass to the seat for at least the rest of this season. Call me a Whedon devotee, but I have a suspicion that the further we get from the pilot, the closer we get to his plans for this show.

Criticisms first, though. Since I know Joss Whedon is sitting around his fancy home, waiting to hear what some douche bag on the internet has to say, I will help him out by putting the negatives right up front. I have to say I was a little disappointed to see Faith show up for this episode. Dushku has been doing a respectable job of trying to break out of the "tough chick with an attitude" mold in the first two episodes, so seeing her fall back into that comfort zone was unfortunate. I thought Jaime Lee Kirchner was terrible as Rayna and I am not sure that Enver Gjokaj's Russian accent could have been less convincing. Truth be told, I really thought the pop star that hates her fame angle was just a bit too heavy handed, as well.

Those gripes aside, this episode was very much awesome for the two or three new wrinkles we got in the plot. Again, I will not go into them here, but anyone that wanted a little more intrigue and plot development than what has been trickling out should be reasonably happy with this installment, in my opinion. Amy Acker got a bit more screen time than she has been getting and that's always a plus for me. She never fails to deliver for me, so I can only hope she becomes a bigger part of this show as we progress. Apart from that, we didn't get much new info on the rest of the cast that I can share without spoiling. All I can say is I really can not wait to see what's next for our merry little band of actives. Who thinks Ballard's neighbor is an active? Raise your hand.

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