End of An Era?

So I went through the rigmarole of cancelling nakedeskimo.com, tonight. I can't say I'll miss it. I think whatever I need to do, I can easily do from this site. I suppose I need to sign up for a flickr or photobucket account. Not sure which is the better option or if it matters, even. Regardless, I am going to need a photo hosting site, now and then. It also just occurred to me that I really like embedding youtube videos, so let's see if that works here. hmm.

Looks like it's a winner. Sweet. Yea, I could get used to this, pretty quick.


  1. For what you're wanting to do, I definitely think a blog would be the better medium. Plus forums are HARD to get going. Especially general topic ones (like mine).

  2. Not only that, but a whole web site carries certain expectations with it that I think were a bit intimidating to me. Then again, with my new job, I am going to have more free time, so who knows how much I'll be posting on here.