Dawn of a new blog

Quick introduction, I suppose. I am not an eskimo. I also did not realize eskimo is a bit of a racial slur, so if I manage to offend someone, I am sorry. At this point, though, I am sticking with the name. It has a nice ring to it and people know me by it. My main purpose for this is to dump my web site because I just don't feel like paying hosting fees for something I never use to it's full potential. Beyond that, we will see where this goes.


  1. Even though I'm kinda sad the forum is gone, it makes sense why you canceled it. This will probably be better for you. Plus it's free!

  2. When I first signed up for blogger, mine was Confessions Of A FakeShemp. Glad I changed that, cause I can't compete with Eskie.

  3. Mr Fakeshemp, your words honor me, sir.