Freedom Costs A Buck Oh Five

I am going to try and temper the statements here, as best I can. This episode has multiple surprises, which I obviously will not discuss, but it's the last shot that did me in and pretty much guaranteed that I am here for the long haul. How much power is there in a simple nod of the head? That is all I am going to say, I guess. In the case of Dollhouse, a simple nod of the head was enough to glue my ass to the seat for at least the rest of this season. Call me a Whedon devotee, but I have a suspicion that the further we get from the pilot, the closer we get to his plans for this show.

Criticisms first, though. Since I know Joss Whedon is sitting around his fancy home, waiting to hear what some douche bag on the internet has to say, I will help him out by putting the negatives right up front. I have to say I was a little disappointed to see Faith show up for this episode. Dushku has been doing a respectable job of trying to break out of the "tough chick with an attitude" mold in the first two episodes, so seeing her fall back into that comfort zone was unfortunate. I thought Jaime Lee Kirchner was terrible as Rayna and I am not sure that Enver Gjokaj's Russian accent could have been less convincing. Truth be told, I really thought the pop star that hates her fame angle was just a bit too heavy handed, as well.

Those gripes aside, this episode was very much awesome for the two or three new wrinkles we got in the plot. Again, I will not go into them here, but anyone that wanted a little more intrigue and plot development than what has been trickling out should be reasonably happy with this installment, in my opinion. Amy Acker got a bit more screen time than she has been getting and that's always a plus for me. She never fails to deliver for me, so I can only hope she becomes a bigger part of this show as we progress. Apart from that, we didn't get much new info on the rest of the cast that I can share without spoiling. All I can say is I really can not wait to see what's next for our merry little band of actives. Who thinks Ballard's neighbor is an active? Raise your hand.


What The Hello Kitty?

Posted for barb because I know she will die when she sees this.

funny pictures of cats with captions
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Target Acquired

I have been putting off sharing my thoughts on Dollhouse 1.2 - The Target. After two straight weeks of hearing unfavorable reviews everywhere I turn, I feel the urge building to champion this show and I do not want to do that. It's far too early in it's run to say it is worth championing, but at the same time, the people that have written it off completely after two episodes absolutely baffle me. I find the premise intriguing and I think this show brings something different to our TVs, right now. While it may still lose me at some point, I am hooked in, for now and really want to see where Whedon takes me.

1.2 finds us with Echo being sent on another engagement that, I'll be honest, I find unsettling. I know that Whedon's intention is to make it very clear that the Dollhouse is not some secret society of do-gooders out there righting wrongs, but damn, these guys could give Wolfram and Hart a run for their money. The people running this place are evil, right to their core, and that is honestly what I find so intriguing. Any other series would have started out by introducing us to the good guys and then layering in the villains, a little bit at a time, but not Dollhouse. No sir, we are thrown right into the viper's nest from the get go with almost no one to like, save for possibly the FBI agent with serious drive to bring Dollhouse down. Why is that, by the way, Mr. Whedon?

Speaking of our only real "good guy" in this show, I kinda wonder if Ballard was something Fox forced onto Whedon, because he really feels the least fleshed out of the characters. By that, I mean his dialogue is a lot more forced than most of the rest of the cast. That could be that the actor is simply not into the role, though. I don't know. Regardless, the exchange outside his apartment with his neighbor was pretty painful to see. He might as well have said "Hello, Ms. Exposition Device, how was your day?" On the other hand, I really like Langton, a lot. As Echo's handler, you can tell he is very much not OK with what is going on at the Dollhouse. That raises the question, of course, "Why does he stay?". Perhaps he is making an insulting amount of money or maybe he has ulterior motives entirely. Not sure. Want to find out. Going to keep watching so I can.

You may notice I haven't discussed the plot for this episode. The reason for that is I can't without spoiling pretty much the whole episode for those that haven't seen it. Leave it to say that I personally am a big fan of this type of storyline and always will be, so this episode hit the mark for me. More action than the first episode and also more signs that maybe the Dollhouse's grip on Echo may be slipping. The thing is, though, what's the exit strategy here? If Echo realizes who she is and runs off with Alpha, then what? Does the Dollhouse fade back and become the requisite villain to Echo's hero that you're half expecting it to be? Will Echo and Alpha team up and take the whole place down? If so, does the show then change it's name to Echo and Alpha Save the Day? Not sure. Want to find out. Going to keep watching so I can.


The Eyes Are The Windows To The Soul

Yea, as with many youtube videos I have seen, I really have few words for this. This was shared with me by one of my Twitter friends. I do not know whether to thank him or shun him, to be honest, but this dog's eyes are just insane.

Hell, you don't even have to watch the video to see it. Everything you need to know is right there in that freeze frame.


Jason Does Not Need An Underground Lair

Friday the 13th is an interesting animal, when you think about it. No series has met with more derision and, at the same time, more die hard loyalty than the exploits of one Jason Voorhees. Everyone knows who Jason is, even if they do not know that much about the character. In fact, if it wasn't for the first Scream film, there would probably still be people out there that did not know that Jason's mother was the killer in the first film. I am sure there are still people that aren't aware that Jason did not get the iconic hockey mask until part 3. Yet here he is, in our psyches and our daily lives, the literal poster boy for the slasher film. In all honesty, making a new Friday film should have been the easiest thing in the world. The sequels did not set the bar high and the character has only the barest of bones when it comes to a back story. So I ask what other reviewers and fans of this series have been asking for the last week, now; how the hell do you fuck up Jason?

Do not get me wrong, I did not hate the new Friday the 13th. There were a lot of shining moments that I will forever remember. There are select bits of dialogue that were awesome and specific scenes that really hit the mark. Overall, though, the whole thing felt like a mish mash of previous Friday films and it never seemed to decide what kind of slasher it wanted to be. Did it want to be funny like Jason X and Freddy Vs Jason or did it want to be scary like the first four Friday films were? It wasn't really either of those things, but it tried to be both and just kept falling flat on it's face at every turn. I had the same problem with the much hyped Hatchet. The comedy was mostly not funny and the movie was never genuinely scary.

One of the reasons Jason worked in the early films, in my opinion, is they showed him sparingly and they never kept him on screen for any extended length of time. Someone on Bloody Good Horror said it best when they said Jason is a force of nature. In the first four films, he was still very much alive, but he never felt human. When you saw him, it was usually about 5 seconds before someone was going to get grotesquely fucked up and then he disappeared into the wind, again, like some kind of redneck ninja with a machete fetish. Let's focus on that for a second, shall we? Did someone forget to tell Platinum Dunes that one of the major draws for the other Friday films was the gore and the kills? There is not one moment in this new movie that can compare to the arrow through the throat from the first or the machete to the face (of the guy in the fucking wheelchair, no less) from the second. I didn't even really like the dock kill everyone else seems to like. It made me laugh uncomfortably, to be honest.

Ok, fine, so we didn't get much gore to speak of, but did we get tits? Oh yea, we got scary fake tits. First we get orange fake baked "enhanced" tits (I think it was at least a real woman, though). Second, we get mannequin tits while some dude talks about her taking his virginity?? Yea, weird. Next up, we have naked wake boarding. Wait, what? Have you ever been skiing? I have not. However, I have been tubing on many, many occasions. To say it was a jarring experience would be an understatement. You get jostled around, a lot. Somehow, though, Willa Ford's knockers never moved. They sat stone still like someone had glued rocks to her chest and painted on nipples. My assumption is that the skiing scene was partially digital effects since no woman in her right mind would ski naked. Ouch. When we do finally get a nice pair of non-freakish breasts, they are accompanied by some of the most insulting comments I have ever heard in my life. "Stupendous"? "Perfect nipple placement, baby"? Are you kidding me?

This has to stop at some point, so I will just mention there was no suspense, either. Jump scares, sure, but no tension. What I did like was two separate lines in the movie; "You almost hit the start button on a whoop-ass machine" and "Where the fuck are you gun". I also laughed at Trent randomly shooting at everything that sorta made a noise. "Ah, shoes! Get em!" I thought Aaron Yoo was hilarious as Chewie and Arlen Escepeta did a good job toying with conventions as the token black guy that was painfully aware that he was the token black guy. Last but not least, I found Jared Padalecki to once again be immensely charming and likable, just like I do when I watch Supernatural. Everyone else in this movie was completely forgettable because there were too many characters involved to build up more than Jason and Clay. Truth be told, they spent to much time building them up, too.


Regulators! Mount Up!

After a few months of semi serious effort, I accomplished one of my main goals in WoW that I have had since the introduction of flying mounts; I got my first dragon mount. Meet my new pal, the Albino Drake When 3.0.2 went live and I saw the 50 mount achievement, I knew what I had to do. Then Blizz pulled a whammy on me and took away race restrictions for faction mounts with 3.0.8. I think that was what really spurred me on. After 3.0.8, all I did for the most part was grind one faction or another to get mounts. First Gnomeregan for their Mechanostriders and then Kurenai for the Talbuks. Hell, I even ran Strat a few times hoping to snag the Deathcharger's Reins to no avail. Getting the Talbuks got me to 48 mounts. I started but did not get close to finishing the grind for the Netherwing Drakes, but I knew that was going to take awhile, so I said screw it and made the Armored Brown Bear number 49.

The choice for number 50 was easy. I have been saying since they introduced flying mounts for engineers that tailors should get flying carpets. Making the Flying Carpet was the first thing I did at 77 after I got Cold Weather Flying, so it felt right to make the Magnificent Flying Carpet the one that caps me off and gets my dragon. Boy, is that thing awesome in motion, though. A mage zooming around on a flying carpet just feels right. Anyway, there's no sense in making this overly long, but just for giggles, I listed out the mounts that got me to the 50 mount total after the break. I doubt anyone cares, but that's why this is my blog and not yours.

6 Elekks (3 normal, 3 epic)
6 Sabers (3 normal, 3 epic)
6 Horses (3 normal, 3 epic)
6 Rams (3 normal, 3 epic)
7 Mechanostriders (4 normal, 3 epic)
1 Black War Tiger (epic)
7 Gryphons (3 normal, 4 epic)
8 Talbuks (all epic)
2 Flying Carpets (1 normal, 1 epic)
1 Armored Brown Bear (epic)

50 mounts. I did it. I can now quit WoW, as I have won the game.


Welcome to the Cliche

I bet you half the people that posted about Dollhouse referenced Welcome to the Dollhouse in some way or another, so who am I to buck a trend? No one, that's who. Still, you can't deny that the expression rings true as the pilot episode is very much an introduction to the latest world created by Joss Whedon, the master of girl power television. While some might say that a show about women that are essentially kept as mind-controlled slaves sent to do the bidding of whatever client chooses to pay for their services is hardly the definition of girl power, I have no doubt that Whedon will take Echo down the hero's path as she eventually struggles to free herself and stand on her own. You know, that old chest nut. I'll try not to spoil too much after the read link.

I admit that I have my doubts about the show's premise and have since it was announced. The obvious creep factor of someone being brainwashed and pimped out to someone who doesn't know she's been brainwashed disturbs on multiple levels. Then I watch the pilot and they manage to take it a step further. It turns out that the new memories and personalities are grafted from real people. So not only do these girls think they are someone else; they think they are someone else who actually existed. Yea. Creepy. I respect Whedon's intentions here, because we are meant to dislike the organization pulling Echo's strings, but damn, the boy went all out on the sleeze factor, this time. Here's hoping I don't get so creeped out that I dread watching the show, each week. It's a thin line that Whedon will have a hard time treading.

Then we have Dushku. Yea, sure, she's smokin hot and all, but for what this show is intending to do, we are going to need some serious acting chops. After all, she will essentially be playing a completely different person, week in and week out. That's a big difference from the other show that people are going to instantly compare Dollhouse to, which is Alias. In Alias, Sidney was always Sidney. Different clothes, different assignment, but the same woman. Echo is a blank canvas with essentially no life experiences to draw from except the ones they give her. If all we get each week is the same old Dushku with a new outfit, this show is sunk. That said, I thought Eliza did an admirable job in the pilot. She sold me on the vulnerability of the character, as well as the intelligence and confidence. She didn't look and act like Faith in a suit and wasn't popping wise every other line. If she can do that, every time, I may be able to get behind Dollhouse.

Which brings me to the overall feel of the show for me. The staff at the Dollhouse are sufficiently slimy, which will work in Whedon's favor, since, as I said, we aren't supposed to like these people. That handler that cares too much was a tad more cliched than I would have liked, simply because these stories always have the handler that cares too much. I recognize that it's a tried and true plot device, but it tells me far too much far too soon about where this show is headed. I also like that they introduced Amy Acker's character with a nary a word about the numerous scars on her face. They just put them out there and left it to the viewer to decide if that was interesting, which it certainly was, for me. I won't even mention the last scene of the episode, but all I can say is it did exactly what the last shot of a pilot should do; it got me excited about seeing episode 2. Whether or not I will be along for the full ride remains to be seen, but they've got me for one more week, at the least. Bravo, Mr. Whedon. Bravo.

The Gates Are Now Open

I did not realize there was a captcha when you leave comments. That is lame and, as such, has been removed. I still require some kind of ID, for the sake of minimizing spammers, but you won't have to decipher a goofy distorted picture, anymore. There are probably other settings I can adjust over time, but I am not going spend large blocks of time digging through every single feature of Blogger. I will just adjust things as stuff that bugs me pops up.


End of An Era?

So I went through the rigmarole of cancelling nakedeskimo.com, tonight. I can't say I'll miss it. I think whatever I need to do, I can easily do from this site. I suppose I need to sign up for a flickr or photobucket account. Not sure which is the better option or if it matters, even. Regardless, I am going to need a photo hosting site, now and then. It also just occurred to me that I really like embedding youtube videos, so let's see if that works here. hmm.

Looks like it's a winner. Sweet. Yea, I could get used to this, pretty quick.

Blogging From My ipod

Testing out an ipod app to post to my blog from this little toy of mine. The internet has become a strange and wondrous place.

Dawn of a new blog

Quick introduction, I suppose. I am not an eskimo. I also did not realize eskimo is a bit of a racial slur, so if I manage to offend someone, I am sorry. At this point, though, I am sticking with the name. It has a nice ring to it and people know me by it. My main purpose for this is to dump my web site because I just don't feel like paying hosting fees for something I never use to it's full potential. Beyond that, we will see where this goes.